Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shaika Cafe

Shaika Cafe is a really cute and trendy coffee shop in N.D.G. that is perfect for doing homework, writing and reading a good book. Located on Sherbrooke Street and Old Orchard, the cafe has an international and natural feel, decorated with dark wood tables, lots of plants and beautiful paintings. What is even more amazing about this cafe is that it serves fair trade and organic coffees. It is somewhat like a Java U but is much more unique and way more cozy. It also has wi-fi internet, like most coffee shops, which is perfect for getting essays written. They also promote and support local Montreal musicians, putting on shows various times a month. If you are bored of the regular Starbucks and Second Cup atmospheres, I definitely recommend Shaika Cafe. It is the perfect place to meet and talk with friends, read a good book or get some homework done.
As a side note, if you like Shaika Cafe, you might also like the owner's other restaurants. Also located in N.D.G. and Westmount, La Louisiane, Bowfinger and The Claremont are all amazing restaurants, each with their own unique and diverse styles and menus.


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  1. I really like this place! Pass it every time before I go to school, didn't know it was the same owner as the other places!!