Monday, September 20, 2010

Hairstyle Dilemma

My brother and his fiancee's engagement is coming up soon and I need to find the perfect hairstyle for the event. Because my dress is sort of backless, I would like to wear my hair up but I don't know what kind of updo would like nice! Here are some I have been looking at.

Awesome Music: William Fitzsimmons

William Fitzsimmons is a singer/songwriter I recently fell in love after hearing his song "After Afterall" on So You Think You Can Dance Canada (surprisingly!). Don't be fooled by his rugged and disheveled look, he has the voice of an angel, which fits perfectly with the soft and intense acoustic music he sings. If you like artists such as Iron & Wine, Joshua Radin and Sufjan Stevens, then you will definitely enjoy William Fitzsimmons. His song I Don't Feel It Anymore includes an anonymous female vocalist and is the perfect example of a heartbreaking acoustic love song. Hope you like it!